Appeal to Facebook headers under England & # 39; want to delete the director of her & # 39; party, the State


– TP Can Tho City refuses to appeal to Facebook account "Bo Cong Anh", convicted of two years imprisonment for a & # 39; damaging the Party Party and the state leaders.

A resurgence agency is in exile against its & # 39; Party, the state of the games is becoming worse

Today, the People's Court of the City Can Tho Binn Nguyen Hong Nguyen, 38, of Chan Tho City, has "charged to" democratizing freedom to break State interests and the rights and legitimate interests of organizations and individuals ".

The eldest is the Facebook account "Nguyen Hong Nguyen" (the name of "Bo Cong Anh").

Appeal to Facebook headers under England & # 39; want to delete the director of her & # 39; party, the State
Nguyen's defense in court

On 22/9, the Cai District Court was attacked by Nguyen two years in prison for the crime on top. Then, Nguyen sent an appeal to release punishments for secretly saying, and his family's recommendation to the issue.

Since 2017, Nguyen Hong Nguyen uses Facebook's Facebook network with the above name for exchange friends. Naturally, the internet often see articles, pictures, videos that are. including incredible content, and addressing individual directors, Party officers, the State.

After that, Nguyen invented many articles, pictures, incredible content videos, skipper leaders, Party Leaders and the State, Ho Chi Minh President; Affecting the lines and directions of its & # 39; Party and State, which adversely affects the public in the # 39; society

This action adversely affects its reputation; Party and State leadership, national political security and social order and safety; to help with enemy forces, revitalize in the country.

Court of appeal, matters at first level are in accordance with the law. The defendant was told to be the right person, the Nguyen crime.

Since then, Chan Tho City Court did not accept the appeal, which maintained its & # 39; first statement.

Bringing two campaigners to encourage a campaign in Can Tho "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Two campaigners caused a complaint, saying bad guides in Can Tho

Two subjects were arrested for the posting of articles, incredible images, infamous on her & # 39; Party, State and National Assembly.

Getting an exhausting head to her & # 39; party, State in Thanh Hoa "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Try to & # 39; case and state leaders in Thanh Hoa

Thanh Hoa's police have arrested a complaint, custodians arrested using social network information; eliminate each other, and harm the leaders of the Parties, the State.

Twenty Territorial Territories received, Dao Minh Quan Group "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Dao Minh Quan group had twelve terrorists and players

Around 100 weak people, children, diseases were extracted with Dao Minh Quan's help to sign signage for this revival.


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