Appeal to the Examiner Chamber when Boudou is released – 12/11/2018


The Financial Information Unit (UIF), led by Mariano Federici, appeal In the coming days they were released to former former President of State, Amado Boudou, who is convicted of 5 years and 10 months imprisoned for the Skicone crack.

FUU sources have been promoted to Clarin request that the previous Minister of Economics be returned to his / her; jail to convict the conviction of the High Court and put it "abhorred" by means of a verbal oral court 4 (TOF 4) adjudicator, still exceeds the decision of the Chamber of Search . For sure, The same criteria will be taken by the Anti-corrosion Office led by Laura Alonso.

This court was with a & # 39; Most of the voting on Néstor Costabel and Pablo Bertuzzi were set up, four months ago, that Adriana Palliotti was reintroduced to the meaning and now when Bertuzzi replaced the place. Palliotti sent his vote to Judge María López Iñiguez. Bertuzzi has recently been to the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires.

The FIU certainly He will establish his claim for the Costabel vote who speaks for himself in an excavation case that was confirmed by room IV of the Criminal Processing Room. Contrary to the incident with those who were convicted by a eleventh Tragedy or a priest Julio Grassi who were free to confirm the highest crime court in the country.

On August 22, 2018, Casation was told incapable The appeal was issued with Boudou's protection with expenses. Then, the lawyers from the former president submitted an incredible claim before the Court, which was also said to be a non-tax.

At this time, a complaint facility is being handled before the Court. So, for Cost, the new publishing order "is no longer repeat of the same application that was rejected only four months ago with this Court, with a majority ".

"So, the decisions that defense lawyers currently have to be reviewing, in this irregular way, covered by the double compliance principle, since the normal review route was completely clean, and they can not be withdrawn from her & # 39; Eventually, if you do any of the complaints that are currently before the Court, "Costabel added.

For Costabel, "it is very clear that the dangers at risk of damaging the research and doing a pleasant or airborne, which were stressed in order on 7 August 2018 to blamed Boudou's beloved, to be based on the management of historical goals to the acts that were made, to their specific mini-committees and to the very seriously badly bad species"These guides" were based, therefore, on topics and words in the past, which, because they were, were to be rebuilt in the " Historically by the prosecutors in the allegations that they put together in the # 39; Lawyer, in respect of Amado Boudou, was confirms in meaning and the sentence was wrong; honors ".

In addition, "it is uncomfortable that correction Amal Boudou's suspension was correct from the point of view of the legal and constitutional warranty involved, where the evidence was issued; falling on it, his innocent state was really in crisis, through self-confidence – and with certainty – about the allegations made by the procurators, who finalized an oral and public test when it was debated in the trial as a result of the prosecution system . "

Ultimately, Costabel gave him an emphasis of other reasons that Boudou is currently recording and "the conditions related to their establishment have not changed so far today. And indeed these objectives are made up – along with the other comments already mentioned – An order that Amado Boudou can be released under any security is protected. "

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