Appearance & # 39; The wedding & wedding bride in Cao Bang, the cinema provided 2.5 billion


(Dan Viet) The bride is in her wedding; 2.5 billion cost to make the cinema in Cao Bang very beautiful and peaceful.

A red social network of the photo was a wedding scene recording with the "super" movie "in Cao Bang, the cinema costed only 2.5 billion.

In the picture, the wedding is not complete but it is true that it is designed, well decorated and advanced. The entire entrance from the entrance is covered with new flowers and simple light …

According to HELINO, you are V.T.H – the photographer said the picture above, this wedding is awful. The wedding allotment is decorated with new flowers taken from Da Lat (Lam Dong) to Cao Bang on air.

The body has a high body strength, its height is 2.5 tons

The bride named D.L.A, very pretty and calm

Shortly after posting, the image of the marriage & Terror & # 39; the attention of internet users. Everyone is proud of being the owner of this great wedding. There are unmarried girls who suffer the wedding; wearing a beautiful dress that went into the wedding room.

The body has a high body strength, its height is 2.5 tons

The light system is very advanced.

The state has the highest reputation, the company has 2.5 billion people. 3

The extent is also being developed.

Some people have identified their identity as well as the beauty of the wedding. So, the bridal woman is the name D.L.A, very pretty and calm. The wedding will be held on 21-22.11.

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