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Relating to the case of a & # 39; using a gun to shoot at the midwife's head on the eve of the third day of the Year & New, after 2 days of escape, the crime was caused to the authorities.

Information about the event, night 7.2 (3rd Lunar Year), Mr Dao Van Suu (aged 46, in Comm Kang Kang, to Tuyen Quang City) came to his wife's house, Mrs. CTH (SN 1983, living in Luong Vuong Commune, TP.Tuan Quang).

When Ms. H was doing homework under the kitchen, Suu went in and used a gun to kill her at the head of her deputy. Ms H was seriously injured and hospitalized. Theich Still Suu, after committing crime, escaped from the area.

Receiving the information, PC02 Department had a & # 39; Co-ordination by Tuyen Quang Home Police and professional units of Tuyen Quang Provincial Police who came to the place to investigate. Shortly after, the country's politician Tuyen Quang decided to continue Dao Van Suu, however, the thing had escaped to the area.

After 2 days of shooting the midwife's head, on 9 September, Dao Van Suu came to the police office.

On 10 October, the police said, first, Suu was introduced, the cause he killed his old wife because of his death. Miss money back from Shuu, bringing up to hundreds of millions of dollars. At the same time, Suu also had to borrow money and so he was very worried. Due to the fact that they did not; He can not find his discovery, used his lost gun. to kill him.

Ms H and Suu are known to have been divorced for many years. Both have two general daughters. Ann, the eldest daughter will stay with her father, and the young girl will be living with her father; live with her mother.

The police also captured the Suu gun that was used to build projects and many bullets.

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