Appearing the most expensive game in the world, Super Mario Bros 1985, with a 3 million baht price


The most expensive game in the world For the Super Mario Bros NES game 1985, particularly rare After the auction is closed at a cost of $ 100,150 or about 3,131,039 baht

Believe that many people know their amazing game as Super Mario Bros. At the moment, the game is immortal. You never have to die After you have got the highest value game record in the world The auction price closed to $ 100,150 3,131,039 baht South Westerly

On 6th February, company Rup Dualchais He has been a auction for his first game Super Mario Bros., which is a game pyram for the NES, which is only sold in Los Angeles and New York in the United States in 1985 and 1986. This may not be a & # 39; first game record Before making the real sale further By making it a limited (rare edition) and very rare

Updated to today Who would think the game had a game? It has been found again in a very good position. In a plastic box full-sided with virtually no signs There is also a foil strip, a Nintendo logo, very black, attached to its box. Wata Games Although this game is so heavy as high as 9.4 points or A ++ levels, its price is more than 3 million.

Another resolution for Super Mario Bros. game. to be a story And to value this game the value in the game in the article "Starting from & # 39; dying time for your worldwide content business"I have written it" In the meantime, there was no new play pattern at the game but, after Nintendo or Seánir had succeeded in Famicom, it was expanded by a & # 39; Increasing the number of games on the device. One of them Super Mario Bros What is the game itself That has put back the game's business forever Because the first story of the game is thought to be clear Start and end. In fact, this game is selling well as a landslide. Achieve an important game development competition (From Player Developer) later

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