Appears incredibly in the & # 39; Fight against the Gypsies that are killed on the Vakarel train! (PHOTO) – BLISTER


The court is a & n; The final decision on whether they should arrest the two identified for their murder on the Plovdiv-Sofia train. According to a lawsuit, Krassimir and Zaprinka are responsible for the death of a 50-year-old man after hitting him.

According to the prosecution, however, Krasimir gave off an offense. This also showed a certificate.

Krassimir Mutafchijski was prosecuted that he killed a knife alone, with hooliganism and without any reason Angel Tsvetanov from Belovo. According to the Office's Office, the fear of taking a knife from his sister Zaprinka and put him in the mouth of his stranger, as he has made a note of his / her; leaving their legs from the throne.

"I'm sick, I'm damaged, I do not work," it was part of the meaningful sentences ordered by the accused while continuing; as he was thinking about a court order.


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