Apple affects the world's weak markets with strength and semiconductors. fall


What days for the markets. After the positive months after 2018 and its first moving session of 2019, the markets going on to another day of loss that affects Apple's technological technology.

The largest stock company in the world was launched yesterday after Wall Street closed a security notice (or a profit warning, as it is cited in a jargon of stock market) that affects strictly on the technology department, especially the semi-diamond.

A European index of technology values ​​will lose almost 3%. The Austrian semiconductor company will turn on the many of its responsibilities by falling by over 20%, with STMicroelectronics, fall by 7%, and ASM International, which is almost 6% off.

Following Apple's profit warning, the price of the department was shown with a sharp decrease of 8% to & # 39; go out of the shelf trade.

Apple decides to sell a premium for its first season due to the iPhone's low demand

In this context, European stock victims fall 1.12%, led by Frankfurt Dax, to The main area of ​​the department, with a fall of 1.39%. The Cac de Paris, both, suffers with a loss of 1.24%, and in Madrid the Ibex 35 is a; Only 0.35% offset because of the greatness of the great securities such as Santander and Telefónica.

According to Five Days, the effects warned by Apple warned the forex market. The Japanese yen, considered as a door, rises 8% against the Australian dollar and 10% against Turkey's lira in the following minutes. A complaint that monitors impact on jobs made by computing algorithms in a low weekly session (it's a vacation in Japan).

Against the dollar the yen rises today by almost 2%, a move in this case is related to a & # 39; sailing money to safe ports Just the doubts about China's growth and its impact are; at a commercial war which is the main concerns of its & # 39; marketplace, and Apple, is beyond its problems to maintain the pace of growth, as varied changes as a warning. , so things will also be delivered, 1.2% left by Brent at 54 dollars. Excessiveness is marked, well, the beginning of the year.

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