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Apple named the best app list for its App Store app store in 2018 yesterday, and today published the best version of the Chinese version of the year. Annual game upcoming trends and the tag's annual download reports.


Apple Online Store (China)

Geam of the Year Talent: Competitive Games

There is no doubt that 2018 is in the world of competitive games. The fun sports sports that are represented by "Jesus Survival" and "Fortress Night" (the national service still open) are also considered by many players.

Motions of an annual game

There are many ways to play this game type and it has a lot of freedom. Take "Jesus Survival" for example. You can go down to a favorite site and a land on a gun. You can also select the "wild area" that is not accessible and slowly evolved. This requires basic decisions not only, but also amazing jobs and responding quickly.

In addition to this type of competitive competition, there are also high-quality traditional e-sports games in 2018, such as "Clash of Clans: Royal Wars" and the old-fashioned artwork "The Hearthstone".

Apple Feedback: Bringing people together – this is an important part of the game. Not only is the competitors game creating a new play, but it also does. Expand Explanation of the word "player". After all, everyone's fun is a very good play.

Third App of the Year: Caring for yourself with the App

Recording the number of steps and burns that are burned with the program; Take care of our health, so there is also a kind of App that has a common theme, that is, "Caring for yourself."

It is an app that helps you to develop a more active way of life, born in the Behavioral University Duke Lab Economics. It can give you training to drink more water, contact your parents, and continue to get your nose. "Calm" is a refresher app that offers a number of more targeted subjects such as forgiveness, allowing them to go out and go. eliminate your negative sense of self-doubt.

Annual Teacher Support

In addition, there is a game called "#SelfCare", you can fill the circle, and talk with it; chat or cloth pack in the game. "Mend" can ask you to know what to do; break up as an opportunity to grow and go. cure a wounded soul. Joyable will help people to & # 39; tackle social anxiety, mental disorder and stress through a personal curriculum.

Apple Ideas: Use the App to look after yourself, this little thing is simple, but quietly it will be better.

IPhone iPhone App: Procreate Pocket

Application of iOS painting: amazing brushstrokes, thousands of current brushes, 250 repeats, continuous motion saving, Cinema 4K canvas, non-endless lines, 1080p painting process registration, Silica 64-bit target engineering support, Airdrop A & # 39; share machines and more.

Provision of the Year Pocket

IPhone Annual Game: Donut County

It's a recurring riddle game. In a game, the player has a & # 39; play a hole in the land that grows bigger. We will try together to recognize all kinds of wise characters, and take the rubbish in secret and throw them into the hole.

Game of the Year Donut County

Icon for Apple Music 2018 Best of the Year: Choice & s Editor

A dozen Apple Music editors from around the world have chosen a song list that covers a variety of music styles. They have chosen the best and best songs of their types in 2018. (morning light)

Apple Annual Music List

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