Apple Apple's Big Factory. Jialian's benefit was 434 people for its entire 66 – Free Times Newsletter


  1. Jialian Yilan, Apple Apple board maker, 434 people for a 66 Free Times newsletter
  2. Not only do there have layoffs of 200 Jialianyi people: a business industry will drop down 434 people in the United News Network
  3. Ping stock Jialianyi was surprised by 434 people, Labor Bureau Tao City tried to punish Yahoo Qimo
  4. Erasing 434 people at the same time. Jialianyi: The decline of the factory business is not closed. Udn Network News
  5. Taoyuan "Jia Lianyi" at the same time abducted 434 people. The coldest curve of the stock market is come. ETtoday News Cloud
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