Apple asked the apostle for the keyboard


Last year, the keyboard was designed and brought to the new MacBook market but the problem remains. This error in the Dealan-dè keyboard has caused undue problems by receiving one letter again, which is not working and what hinders the problem, according to report.

“We have found that a small number of customers are facing problems with the three-generation branch, so we're sorry,” said a spokesman from US technology.

Earlier, buyers complained of the MacBook Butterfly keyboard. Later, the new MacBook is coming with the third-generation keyboard, Apple.

In the new keyboard design, the weight in each key is fairly evenly spread, so typing is done better.

Apple had previously introduced the first branch of the second generation butterfly keys 2015-17 and the MacBook Pro approach in 2016-17. But no publication has yet been made for third-generation keyboard machines.

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