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Apple has to clean up the apps

(ILLUSTRATION) Apple Store on September 21, 2017 in ShanghaiCHANDAN KHANNA

Apple has requested that the app developers have a stop by sending them. Using systems that track user activity on the iPhone without knowledge, or remove them from their online source, based on the TechCrunch site on Friday.

The terms of use of the App Store, Apple's online app store, "need + apps + to ask users and express them clearly and clearly when they are & # 39; recording, downloading or stored in one way or user activity, "said Apple in a statement announced by the online magazine that is & # 39 ; specializing in technology.

If the developers do not stop these uses or not give notice to the users, their applications will be removed from the App Store, they added to the iPhone maker, which will consistently & # 39; building its & # 39; Protecting personal and essential data about the giants of other technological giants in the field, starting with Facebook.

AFP knows, Apple has not responded.

According to TechCrunch, some applications include user activity without their knowledge. The magazine reports as examples of Hollister's hood or hoodie, and none of them, accordingly, require permission from users.

"Even though the information that is cautious is expected to be hidden, some of them – such as passport numbers or bank cards – have gone out," said the magazine.

In particular, these "apps" which use a computer code have been developed by a specialized company called Glassbox, including the user's activity that uses the application.

Last week, Apple was angry with Facebook after the fact that the social network had paid individually to use a professional application to investigate the activities of the users, including young youth.

Facebook had ensured that they did not hide anything from users who were missing; Participating but Apple said that he made their agreement since this application, which was used on iPhone, was used on Facebook.

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