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A group of iPhone users submitted a legal complaint with the High Court of America regarding the high prices and monopoly of the App Store.

If a court is alongside objectors, he will have a great influence on the technology giant, and writing The Washington Post.

It is noted that Apple's decision against Apple will be a hit for his business. According to surveys, in the first half of 2018, applications of more than $ 22 billion worth were sold in the App Store all over the world. In addition, the company costs a 30% commission for developers for their materials, which must be sold only through the App Store.

The objections say Apple App Store has received an uncomfortable monopoly that boosts iPhone apps. Because iOS devices can only run apps purchased from the App Store, this is a great deal to increase the cost of paid applications.

"Apple has created anti-competitive constraints for iPhone owners so they can not buy any applications anywhere in the App Store. As a result, Apple's smartphone owners will pay for the applications more than they can compete in the market, "- says David Frederick, the solicitor's lawyers.

Apple lawyer Daniel M. Wall said that he was "pipeline" in his / her; a company that connects users with advocacy advocates and they are advocates, and not Apple's. sale. This is an important difference, since the High Court's prejudice argues that the allegations of unfair and unfair imbalance should be brought against the "customers" in the business line.

Apple said in a statement that it offers its "users a reliable and reliable section", and so contribute to the distribution of bids. At the same time, the judges are unsure of the correctness of this approach.

"When you look at the link between the user and Apple, there's only one step. I mean, I'm sending my iPhone. I'll & I'm going to Apple App Store. I pay Apple directly with the credit card information that I gave to Apple. From my opinion, I've just done one-time Apple, " said Judge Ilina Kagan. She was supported by three other judges. However, two other judges bought that consumers could even make an appeal.

The test should be completed next year. If the court is a? Distribution of the application, the company can only pay fines, but also open a platform for third party stocks.

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