Apple describes Pro iPad's security process to resolve the dispute about some of the "bent" units


At the end of last month we saw how Some of the units of the new iPad Program appeared a bit, Apple responds to the result of his & # 39; It was a manufacturing process and did not affect all the operations of the device (as well as offering changes to the person who requested it and its # 39 ; show that his tablet was actually returned).

Now, to realize that this is a very unique impact on the iPad Pro manufacturing process, Apple has published a new document on an official website of support that explains in detail why it is a? It happens that certain units of the iPad iPad are doubling. Action activist, though not too strong, to complete its & # 39; controversy that runs through YouTube networks and videos.

It works, but you can also return if you want

The first and most important thing is: Apple's keep out, You have 14 days to return one of your products without its company; refusing if this is not proofing you. If you notice that your iPad iPad is double, you can return it to problems.

Once this has been clarified, Apple is a explains how the new iPad iPad models give exams even more challenging than the old examples to prove that they are completely flat. If there is a unit a division of more than 400 microns (similar to roughness around four steel leaves), then that product is marked as defective and not sold. It also stands out, as a result of the new iPad Pro design, it can be liked to be smaller than the old designs.

The models seem to have been affected Those that include a 4G LTE connection: the antenna's presence is more than what causes "A little bit after it is used", which will be created after plastics have been damaged inside the aluminum structure to create microphones inside, Apple offers the merits in these modules fairly, and # 39 ; keep you able to change if you understand that they are slightly bent.

Indeed, Apple does not change anything that shows weight stress. In other words: If you have doubled the iPad for any purposes, you must keep it there and taking responsibility and effect. And believing, Apple has very effective ways and authorized technical services to find out if iPad has been damaged.

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