"Apple" gives warning to iPhone users of applications that are " watch them


Apple has warned developers against using systems that will record the actions of iPhone users without being removed from their online source, according to TechCrunch, a technical expert.

The terms of use in the agency's "shop" require applications to ask users to authorize them in a clear and transparent manner about any registration, upload or to activate the individual's activities -Services saved, "said smart phones in a statement.

If the developers do not stop the customs or they do not know the users, Apple will return their requests from their online store, the US group said.

TechCrunch also noted that some of the submissions file users' activities without their knowledge or permission, and # 39; including Expedia for travel and care of hotels or Hollister for clothing.

"Even though sensitive data is usually blocked, some were moved, such as passport numbers or bank cards," he said.

He explained that these applications were used in a rigorous, systematic information system developed by its company, "Glasbox" specialized, and record user activity.


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