Apple Hires failed to start a smart smart CEO to help build home materials


He tried to sell a $ 700 trick. It was finalized, leaving staff and contractors in the cold. But now, he works for Apple – and his new smart home campaign guide for his buck, according to his CNBC report.

To be fair, Sam Jadallah's silent green company, Otto, was the type of machine that we came from Apple: a very difficult engineering tool that is very difficult. Smoking is flexible, but with a design outside a minimalist that attracts too much attention. And at Apple, it will not be necessary to invest in investors in order to keep their comments on; go. (In 2018, Jadallah sent the killing of Otto to kill a secret buyer to be pulled out at the last minute).

But this story is not an interesting part of which Apple has chosen to guide a home-based home campaign, but Apple could burn up a new smart home initiative at allSouth Westerly

So far, Apple has been happy to allow other companies to build tools for their HomeKit ecosystem. Although you can argue that Apple's smartphone speaker is only the rule, it's been clear that a day HomePod is a lecturer than you have deleted.

But slowly, Apple seems to have been trying to get her & # 39; Notice that Siri needs to be more clever. The company has blocked the Google AI's leader to develop Siri, who relied on Apple's all-AI efforts, and put it on to a senior executive post in this winter. Just this week, we discovered that Apple first bought AI behind the voice voice talks like Hello Barbie Mattel too.

However, none of that is a mean so far home, instead of just making Siri better by going to # 39; answering questions. But this rent, and CNBCTo do. In fact, there is a great way that Google's Alexa and Google helper are useful in controlling more things around the home. If Apple wants to build the type of ecosystem (and possibly quickly lock) that they enjoy Amazon and Google, there may be time to be more active.

CNBC says Apple and Jadallah have changed their report, but it is worth considering Jadallah asked himAfter-hours people do not do that if there is a real mistake in a story. He also changed his LinkedIn page to get his new win at Apple.

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