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Apple's gray phone at Apple the boats up 20% around their final quarter in 2018, and # 39; impacting on iPhone's iPhone device in a world-wide mobile device against local enterprises such as Huawei.

As a result of the Chinese general market with 9.7% in the & # 39; Fourth, but Apple's lower two times quickly, IDC's research company said in a Monday report. Slowly economically, expanding renewable time and iPhone's iPhone tag tagged to the US's biggest decline in China, IDC said. Xiaomi was increasingly worst in the last few months of last year, the unit services have gone by almost 35%, the consultation estimates.

Apple smartphone phones from Apple to Samsung Electronics agree with global markets around the world after years of disagreement, because the lack of business innovation is in place. Encourage users from placing the most frequently used appliances. what they used to be. Apple also needs to deal with the rise of Chinese enterprises such as Huawei, Once a market breakdown is once it's very important to drive. China's leading Chinese smokers have pricing prices on the most recent iPhones up to 20% in the last few months – an uncommon move that was posted; Demonstrates a commitment to decline for Apple tools.

Huawei has been driving up after unit vessels up 23.3%, leading to all major brands, according to IDC. Notwithstanding to be & # 39; taking part in an unusual few months that was not too hard when the finance head was arrested on bank fraud allegations, and the US suggested her relatives to try to clear the company from a & # 39 ; selling new generation web appliances.

Apple was a fourth place with sellers in the country over time, Oppo and Live follow, said IDC. Xiaomi's five-level, rapidly growing Chinese name was just just before the first 2018 public offer, and delivered 34.9% in ships thanks to internal and archiving reconciliation, said IDC.

"The home-based smartphone market environment in 2019 does not look very good," said the analyst IDC, Wang Xi, in the report. And 5G phones still do not include a small share of the total market. We have a long way before they go to mainstream, "IDC said. (c) 2019 Bloomberg LP

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