Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max officially reach Argentina: what prices are there? there


The Personal and OneClick declared the date and sale prices of the XS and XS Max modules Source: AFP

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iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

, Argentina's custom and official OneClick trader usually launches a price and date. These advertisements are more than those made by Claro, who have confirmed selling every symbol of Apple's smartphones (
XR, XS and XS Max) but we still do not know how to launch prices and dates in the country.

With the option of making payments in 12 unparalleled contributions, Personal Disclosures have been in advance of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models, both in 64 and 256 GB versions of storage resources. The most expensive model is the iPhone XS Max 256 GB, which costs 108,999 pesos.

Prices of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in Personal

  • iPhone XS Max (256 GB): it is the most expensive model, and it will cost 108,999 pesos in the layout available in green.
  • iPhone XS Max (64 GB): with less resources, this adjustment will cost 95,899 pesos, available in gold and gray.
  • iPhone XS (256 GB): this model will have a smaller screen compared to the XS Max, it will only be available in gray and there will be a price of 100,299 pesos.
  • iPhone XS (64 GB): it will be available in gold, silver and green, with a price of 87,199 pesos. .

However, OneClick's authorized shop is the other retail point indicating that it has sold the latest version of Apple's smartphone, with similar prices to those offered by Personal. The most expensive model is the iPhone XS Max 256 GB, which costs 109,599 pesos.

IPhone XS and iPhone XS Max prices in OneClick

  • iPhone XS Max (256 GB): 109,599 pesos.
  • iPhone XS Max (64 GB): 96,499 pesos.
  • iPhone XS (256 GB): 100,799 pesos.
  • iPhone XS (64 GB): 87,699 pesos.

The price of the iPhone XS and XS Max in the United States

The prices are counted with an exchange rate of 39 pesos per dollar.

  • iPhone XS Max (256 GB): 1249 dollars (48,711 pesos)
  • iPhone XS Max (64 GB): 1099 dollars (42,861 pesos)
  • iPhone XS (256 GB): 1149 dollars (44,811 pesos)
  • iPhone XS (64 GB): 999 dollars (38,961 pesos)

We need to remember that cell phone is in a & # 39; licensing into Argentines who travel abroad, whatever they do; price or country where it was bought,
it is not essential to say when you go into the country.

What's different about the iPhone that is sold in Argentina

In addition to the obvious price difference between local official sales compared to the US offer, the fact that the models of iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS are sold in Argentina
consistent with the three official 4G expeditions used in Argentina (B4 or AWS, B28 APT and B7).

If you decide to buy the iPhone XR, XS or XS Max in the United States, these points should be included:

  • In some of the country's locations, the lack of connectivity to the band can not be taken by a 4-beat 4G, but it is very dependent on where it is used; For many of the users it's not easy to do.
  • In the case of the iPhone XS, the version sold 4 and 7 in the United States (A1920) but not the 28; you must choose, as far as possible, for the same European (A2097).
  • Also for iPhone XS Max: both are included in the European model (A2101), but not in the model in North America (A1921).
  • The only version of the iPhone XR that Apple lists is for the moment in the A1984, which is not compatible with the B28, but with its " B4.
  • The three modules in their changes can be connected to the B7 band.
  • None of the three modules have a frequency of frequency with the 3G or 2G national.

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