Apple is doing something, sending out invitations to the event on 25th March. Agreed subscription – was expected


WWDC's development conference is still far away, but Apple invited an event to be held on 25 March for selected journalists.

It 's show time "suggests that there will be a long – standing news with the biggest service department. It is not only within Apple TV and making a whole film and television series, but also in the magazine and news section (Apple News).

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Apple bought the Texture app last year, offering over 200 digital journals for a monthly subscription. It is clear that Apple will introduce a similar service under his own banner, but many other changes are expected.

As might be expected, Apple should bring together all the digital content content – music, magazines and television or film productions. Thus the user could have access to a huge amount of content for one monthly fee and Apple also ensured it did not enter the competition within each service. Payment for a particular service would not be beneficial.

But we would be amazed. What news has Apple prepared for us on Monday, 25th March.

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