Apple is new to new category that reveals the privacy of Safari


At the last hours, apple company share a sign the privacy of Safari. In the Apple piece it displays a blockage to searching for ads sent to your browser.

In our hat, we see a 15-year-old boy with a faint mustache, who is standing in front of a mirror and check your mobile phone when vibrating. It appears that it does research that he does not want to find it.

Apple's good work for privacy

At the end of the video, the company has entered text where it is making clear its commitment to protecting user data. "There are private issues, that's why Safari limits spinning sites Privacy Policy This iPhone's iPhone.

It is worth noting on this Safari for iOS and macOS it has been continuing with intelligent prevention actions from 2017, which makes it difficult for companies to collect data about you and to monitor your browsing practices on many websites.

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