Apple is reviewing Forecast Sales, a Fewer offense of iPhone reforms and problems in China


After closing stock markets today, Apple published a press release, a copy of a letter from CEO Tim Cook to the company's investors, and, Describes enhanced guidance for future 2011 Q1 fiscal:

For Apple Museums:

Today we are reviewing our guide for its & # 39; first fiscal season in 2019, ending on 29 December. We now have the following expectations:

  • Salary of approximately $ 84 billion
  • Total market of around 38 per cent
  • Operating costs of approximately $ 8.7 billion
  • Income / (cost) of about $ 550 million
  • Tax rate of around 16.5 per cent before special features

We expect that the number of shares that are & # 39; Used in Computing is converted by EPS to around 4.77 billion.

Below are the numbers from the previous 2019 Q1 management of Apple, shared after release of Q4 2018 work:

  • Income between $ 89 billion and $ 93 billion
  • a total periphery between 38 per cent and 38.5 per cent
  • Operating costs of between $ 8.7 billion and $ 8.8 billion
  • income / other cost of $ 300 million
  • tax rate of around 16.5 per cent before special features

Apple's revised revenue eyes down $ 5 billion, as long as they were. Income / other cost to $ 550 million from $ 300 million.

Cook says "economic weakness in some emerging markets", by " going with other factors "due to fewer iPhone improvements than we expected." The two reasons why Apple reviewed 2011 Q1 led.

In terms of emerging market challenges, Cook notes Great China explained "economic reduction", and also to " contributing to "trading with the United States", and as a result there were not many users who visited Apple Stores and country partners.

In terms of reducing fewer iPhone developments, Apple says "in some of the markets it has been, Apple's device was not as strong as we thought it would be." The company says "we believe that other factors have a huge impact on our iPhone performance, including changing customers with fewer subsidies behaviors, increasing prices for US dollars, and some consumers who are spending much lower prices for the replacement of an iPhone battery. "

Apple says they are still expecting to report "a long-term new Apple record for each sector," as long as they are. finishing 2019 C1 with $ 130 billion in web money.

Cook ends up saying "Apple has a high expectation because they should be. We are committed to achieving these goals every day."

With Apple's discounted battery regeneration program, it breathed new life into older iPhones, which clearly influenced developments. Also, iPhone models have seen a greater increase in prices in Canada, which have not been helped with the US exchange rate. This will tell you why people have not got up their iPhones in particular, when new features come out today they do not; think they are thinking (a face ID is still good, but Touch ID can be in itself in 2019). Even when people start to Start about iPad Models Pro bent without being a fault …

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