Apple is trying to make a solution that does allowing users to pass their phones


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What's happening in a phone that will & # 39; live on the iPhone, according to their board

Apple argued that the "Time" application is a bump in the short term short term, even though the party is unable to respond to it; cited.

In some cases, the photocopier will send a video, without the recipient aware of the order.

The company said it had been solved and would update the application for users this week.

In the meantime, Apple seems to have heard a phone feature with "FaceTime". It was found that the fault occurs if the operating system is used 12.1 or longer.

The application includes the use of group discussions, and this appears to be mixed by its & # 39; Software and even turn off microphones & # 39; even though it can not be called.

Stop the rubbish after your unconnected after calling for a specific time.

"National Privacy Day"

She pulled a code 9toMac Note that it will attempt to call its disablement or close the device; send a video to a convener, without the knowledge of the owner.

Apple said in a statement that he was aware of the problem, identified and managed, and will send updates to Software this week.

Users who are worried about social media have suggested the expression of TimeTime.

When the problem was detected at the same time as the United States 'World Confidentiality Day', Tim Cook published Apple's director.

"On World Confidentiality, we all have to take the necessary steps to protect protection," he said in a Twitter on Twitter Twitter network site, "The dangers are real and they can have important things."

Governor New York, Andrew Como, advised citizens to disallow the application.

Apple has placed an explosive program near the Electronics Electronics Exhibition Center where "What's happening in your phone and staying on your phone".

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