Apple is warning of security damage>


IPhone users and updates should quickly install the new operating system. Because Apple itself is warning of security holes.

20:09, 27 March 2019

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Recently, that has worked iOS 12.2 a new one and refinement for that iPhone operating system also for User She is standing with her macOS Mojave 10.14.4. updated information. This is not specific in that operating systems are regularly updated. But this time Apple has been making a lot of visits. In its own service area, the iPhone group describes some of the security holes that are closed by – from the beginning of the week – from the available updates.

Overall there are about 50 injuries, some of which have some. For example, some websites may access confidential information without consent. "The reason is accepted"case licenses"when you are reading." Lighting notices and moving on iOS devices come to fruition. The exercise of the linguistic supporter of the Siri language assistant should also be implemented with poor use – without permission. This could lead to third parties starting lectures.

iPhone as a bug: coopers could perform the microphone

The Cycling and Infrastructure Safety Association (CISA), a division of the Home Department of Northern Constabulary, is warning and persuades the renewal. According to this authority, attackers might even use iPhones " tto travel from a distanceThe threshing machines could even do without the owner of the iPhone Activate the device microphone, which they owned iPhone or iPad for a listening bug break.

Also, the macOS upgrade is 38 security gaps. a. Enabling that through apps sensitive data from Mac keychain to read it out.

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