Apple MacBook Pro All-Nova 16-inch and 6K 6K Provision Release this year


Apple has a MacBook Pro & # 39; All-news for this year, analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, is well connected, said in a search note MacRumors received. The line is led by a 16-inch screen 16-inch model, which would make it the largest screen in the Mac notebook from the 17-inch modules that stopped being sold in 2012. Kuo says that the 13-line line can be supported for 32GB of RAM; Currently, only 15-inch MacBook Pro can be resolved with that memory.

New design would be surprising due to Apple's output. The first Touch Bar modules in the end of 2016, over four years after introducing the previous Retina display modules. On the other hand, this design has not been fully completed, with a keyboard that is; come in for the widest language for a & # 39; feeling and unreasonableness. Apple is evaluated on the following keyboard but on the following spec bump, but a fuller solution may be needed.

Kuo also believes that a new Mac Pro that has been waiting for her & coming this year with "easy to develop parts", although Apple itself has said so much. More interestingly, Kuo has been the first credential external monitoring information that indicates Apple's return to a pro-performance market. It is said to be a 6K inch 6K display with "Lightlight like LED LED" design. Apple released its final inspection, the Thunderbolt Display, back in 2016; Nowadays the ultra-cumulative LG UltraFine 5K Mac OS owners are the best option but an informal 27-inch.

The Kuo report contains more information on this year's iPad and iPad parcels, as well as devices such as AirPods and AirPower Air Force – find out more here.

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