Apple Music officially joins Amazon's famous Echo speakers


Last November, the news was published, something that was very unlikely: Apple Music was officially available in the Amazon Echo. Any other step to expand an Apple service service market may be possible. Indeed, Apple is an easier service in another platform. It was expected to arrive on December 17, but the income has taken place a few days.

As Apple Music is shaped in the Amazon Echo

Little by little Amazon Music support for Amazon Echo is used. Like other apps, it's in shape skill for Alexa I mean, appears in the app to Alexa for iOS and Android as a service capable of connecting. In the same way that Amazon Echo users can now connect to other effluent services such as Deezer, Spotify or the Tidal.

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If you have an Echo speaker and Apple Music account, you just have to give it an opportunity skill with your Apple Music certificates. Once the account is connected, Apple Music can be designed as a key service, so that when you ask for Alexa to make a song, do it from Apple Music.

It's a bit of detail to remember when we set up Apple Music in Alexa, it's not a means that it is consistent with any speaker who has Alexa. It does not work only with the Amazon Echo. Anyway, if you were to find a speaker to listen to music just from Apple Music and that he did not want to do something about HomePod level, now there is a good change that starts at less than 50 euros with the Amazon Echo is cheaper.

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