Apple patterns are the seat belt where they are self-regulating identity and driving


a "smart" safety belt able to control (even at a very good distance) the significant jobs and even manage the automated system. It's not a science fiction, but one of the many patterns that it's all about. doing companies to ensure that anyone else can not steal the behaviors.

These are also included Apple, which is inside the secret Titan Project (here's the latest news) to think about a series of tech hardware solutions not only to make the auto-driver drive into better cars like -thà (this is the main focus of its project, at least according to the latest terms) but also for making their experience on board the unfamiliar and safe driving vehicles.

The solution we talk in this article, is today's record at its # 39; U.S. Paper and Trademark Office, a provision for attendance a "more sustainable system" normal seat belt adds to other useful features. According to Apple, it's possible to "material" its traditional belts they felt and other components, among them microfilm, The speakers, but also "distinguished" landlord able to deal with the control of passenger cars. Situated outside the belt, at the height of its & coffin, these support parts allow it giving extra use to the belt itself, so to turn an inactive safety tool into an instrument for active working.

On the one hand, the integration of a speaker and microphone can be added normalize the audio experience for individual passengers (as well as communication development); on the other, one presence tactile surface prepared for the gesture allow the user administer different vehicle features (from the sailor to the infotainment), if requested, too feedback in the form of a chip shaped (useful for example for sending messages or safety alerts).

Apple is not new for these patterns: the last August, in fact, a similar solution to the seats was recorded: the "Haptic feedback for the dynamic seat system" Indeed, he recommended a system of apical signals to be integrated into specific sets. Example of use? The chair will have warned us that we are in a position; cross the line without entering the arrow.

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