Apple released iPhone XR price (for now, in Japan)


As a few women commented in the last few days, Apple finally made an iPhone XR price in Japan, through one of the largest telephones.

In 24-month contracts, telco NTT Docomo customers receive $ 100 savings.

A business-based business model in Japan is based on subsidies for tools to attract customers, similar to the fact that a mobile phone market usually works in a number of countries.

To buy an iPhone XR of 64, in a two-year contract, 36 miles yen was needed. Now, cell phone value is reduced to 24,000 yen.

It is believed Apple is Allow lasers to make more XR models more due to a lower demand in the country. Apple has iPhone affected its & # 39; a mobile phone market in Japan with around 50% of sales, but the demand for the latest models seems to be tight.

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