Apple said that it is redirecting iPhone X and discounting XR, but not for you


After a year of unsuccessful and uncomfortable reporters about how the iPhone X was enjoyed, Apple killed the 2017 logo to work hard for two types: the iPhone XS how precious and iPhone XR is low prices. Now the iPhone X is designed to revitalize, telling Wall Street Journal, as long as the XR is going to; See tweaking prices – but usually only in foreign selected markets.

The report shows that the contractual obligations and vulnerability of consumer prices are behind the changes, which are unusual for both Apple and smartphone manufacturers as a whole. After agreeing to buy a minimum number of OLED screens from Samsung Display, Apple's orders fell shortly after recent cuts to iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max production. Instead of making more XS tools to fill in the gap, it is said that Apple has started to go to; make the iPhone X, which is less expensive to do.

But the iPhone X does not appear to appear in the North American source ever before. The machines that stopped were silently displayed as "legacy models for selected markets where there is sufficient demand for these tools," the Journal reports, show that they could appear in countries where iPhone prices have been very tough. Users in India and China were openly focused at this year's iPhones prices, and # 39; Increasing the appearance of the iPhone X could be reproduced there.

In addition, Apple has stated that it has decided to offer subsidies to help key wireless passengers with lower iPhone XR prices in Japan, "de facto sum" of non-definitive measure taken about healthy Japanese smartphone prices. The price cuts are expected to begin early next week, aiming to help Apple to maintain up to 46.7% of the Japanese market.

In Japan, it is said that the sale of the iPhone XR is falling behind, and the generation is a pre-generational generation; iPhone 8 has continued well with Japanese users – a situation that is also seen in other countries. Although researchers in the US typically suggesting the XR that is similar to the XS at a lower $ 250 startup price, some Japanese users have taken a case with an XR emergency screening, camera capabilities and data distance.

This time does not know whether the XR iPhone gets price cuts similar to other markets, and whether recent reports have been selling poorer expectations of new or right iPhones. Earlier this month, Apple published that it would not now be & # 39; advertising the sale of iPhone units, which will make it even more rare than it was in the past.

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