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Scotland's value was filled with low emphasis this week. On the 20th, Apple's coupled price reached up to almost 5%. Oil prices fell by 7%. Energy stock effects, the three main standards fell by more than 1.7%. The average number of Dow Jones businesses dropped 551 points, which spread nearly 950 points in two days, including year-on-year benefits.

US stocks in October resulted in market concerns about rising interest rates, slowing economic growth and global trading conditions, the worst monthly performance in many years, Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 5.1% on monthly line, and the S & P 500 index fell 6.9%. Since November, US stocks have been uncomfortable. After the two days of decline, Dow Jones's index was just below 0.5% from the lowest in October.

The Dow Jones index 551.8 points fell, or 2.21%, for closing at 24,465.64 points. The S & P 500 index decreased 1.82% for closing at 2,641.89. Index Index Nasdaq Composite, which oversets technology stockings, fell by 1.7% for closing at 6,908.82.

Financial, sales and energy stocks have become a major factor in selling pressures from technology stock; spread over other stockings. The Dow Jones Index and the S & P 500 index have lost their benefits since the beginning of the year, although the Nasdaq archive maintains its full-year benefits.

The Wall Street Journal analyzed that the most important factor in the market tightening that some investors would buy at the end of October, hoping that US stocks would quickly restart. Now, not only have they earned them, they may lose interest, and the confidence of market partners is scattered, and as a result the stocks in the US are in a position; become slower.

Chief Executive of DoubleLine's Chief Capital, Jeffrey Gundlach, told Reuters that US stocks have exceeded it, and even though the recent sales responsibility, there is still a "low case". The renowned investor praised the money, which greatly enhanced the adverse effects of the US stock market.

The "FAANG stock" that includes Facebook, Apple,, Netflix, and Alphabet all Google parent's weight as a market on its " market on the 19th, with more than 20% advanced. This shows that the technology stores have not been lost; a minute they needed, but also one of the people who were missing them; strive to drag US stocks.

On the 20th, Apple's share price increased by 4.8% for closing at $ 176.98, 24% lower than the high time recorded in October. Goldman Sachs expanded the target price for Apple stock, warning that China was demanding China, and iPhone XR price and work is not fair.

In the international crude oil atmosphere, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) income prices fell by 7%, which fell slightly down from October last year, while more than 20% fell a & # 39; last month. Outer Hebrides S & P energy stock fell 3.5% with oil prices, and were among the leading players.

Recently, sales stocks have made little progress to fall to the ground. Even though the hope is strong at the end of the year, it will be difficult to stop trying to, pressure. A regional price fell by 10.5%. The big salesman said the results did not last quarterly as well as expectations. market, and the costs of supply chain and employee salaries rose.

There is a risk at risk for UK stock for more than nine years at risk. Bloomberg reports that Ray Dalio, the three-member of Bridgewater Associates, says that investors have been enjoying a policy. low profit to its main bank to revitalize the economy for many years. After that, I am afraid that a short-term pay situation will come.

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