Apple streaming video service expected to cost $ 15 / month


Although some show that Apple's streaming video service has long been expected as a key element in replacing the income that was lost with the income of Services , there are at least one major critical analysis.

I believe Apple will be able to; It costs $ 15 / month for the service, analyst Jeffery Tim O & Shea says that the company has two major challenges – and even the best repression that not a & # 39; Help company really …


In the footnote of the investors Business business, Oh Shea says there are two keys to success in a video across. Initially, original content – in which Netflix has been excellent. Secondly, access to content from the studio and large networks. Apple, arguing, is not in a good position to achieve both of these things.

Apple will cost a fraction of what Netflix is ​​a & # 39; Costs of original shows and films, which means that at least a & # 39; The bigger part of a video on third-party content depends on the smallest. However, its company plans may not have a 30% cut on revenue to & # 39; A great deal with many studios and Hollywood networks, he said.

"It's hard to see how that economy is going," said O & Shea.

Even before Apple's launch of the Apple video service, Netflix has been in & # 39; Try to avoid the developers who are experiencing a & # 39; Complain Apple app to subscribe for subscriptions through their iPhone apps. Netflix is ​​instead of encouraging users to register for their service through their website.

Apple may be difficult to print customers to their own video service if there are too many balk production companies in a & # 39; offers exhibitions and films through. Netflix has already voted to be part of Apple's service and HBO has yet to do, CNBC said.

"There are very few players who make content that are important," said O & Shea. "If you miss one or two of them, it will make your service a lot more attractive."

O & Shea recognizes that Apple's bigger buyers and ecosystems base is a great way to attract supporters, with the rapid growth of Apple Music supporters; show their ability. But even though Apple's stream video service came to be bigger than Netflix, it would not still help it, it's a? praised.

She thought that if there were 250 million supporters at the Apple video service in 2023, it would still only account for 5% of the company's income this year – and it would be made up for smartphone downturn. With a commentary, after giving a stream of video for 12 years, Netflix has 139 million subsidiary.

"It's going to take a long time to move this type of service really," said O & Shea to Business Insider.

It is expected that Apple will finally tell a streaming video service at an event on 25 March.

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