Apple: This is the reason why iPad Pro can replace it to your computer! South Westerly


Apple posted on YouTunbe called "The 5 Reasons Why Your iPad iPad can have your next computer." Why does Apple want to say this? Tim Cook CEO commented that his daily work is also done through iPad Pro.

As seen from the ad, Apple is making the iPad Pro easy for its & # 39; computer for five reasons: 1. High performance, in the latest generation of iPad Pro, a & # 39; A12X Bionic-like process with a desktop computer. According to many running scores, the A12 process is even more powerful than some of the thin and lightweight computers. 2. Different actions can be combined with cameras, music studio, eye preparation, etc. to provide rich multimedia work; Apple Pencil 2 is obviously upgrading, which gives more opportunities to create. 4. Easy Internet access, LTE network support, mobile office at any time; 5, new appointments, it is easier to cooperate with new moves when the computer works.

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How do you think you can replace these features for your computer? It is worth mentioning that the iPad iPad Pro is more expensive because there is a full screen in a place.


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