Apple VOD is coming. IPhone makes competition with Netfliks


Apple will be launching this spring's conference this month. However, its tarmacotif of goods and services will not. It's time for Apple VOD to start.

The first Apple conference in 2019 will take place on 25 March. A company from Cupertino asked their selected media for a visit to the great hall of Steve Jobs Theater next to the new Apple Park headquarters. T He shared the invitation to the Twitter event, including the TechCrunch Editor.

Apple, like Apple, is obviously not coming directly to what the conference is about. The password included in the invitation, or "It 's showtime", used a year in the Apple TV exhibition, is no doubt about what has happened is happening.

It seems Apple is ready to officially launch the VOD service.

App Store slowly moves to the subscription module, and the company has been able to transform the music source into a stream provided in the subscription. A similar step in a video sequence would be similar to that in the video circle. Confidentiality is that Apple VOD's first prize is just a while. After all, the company has spent a billion dollars on their own production series.

There is a preview of a sister video site for Apple Music on 25 March, so before WWDC 2019, was doing a lot of feeling. It is no surprise that the company is in haste. This year, it is also being extended to Netfliks markets – which have so far been eating in a significant way just HBO and Amazon – with Mickey Mouse with Disney Plus. Those who are willing to share this cake are running out of time.

However, I expect the first service of the Apple VOD service not just in the autumn, but with new phones and later versions of operating systems. Apple VOD would be an integral part of iOS 13, tvOS 13 and macOS 10.15. I think Apple will be reporting on the support information for the iTunes Store, AirPlay and Homekit, which is just on TV.

What else could Apple show at a spring conference?

In addition to the video service that could no longer be used for Poland – we have the opportunity to borrow and buy permanent films in the iTunes Store, but in a row it is a unique pair of references. Apple was said to have shown a subscription service under Apple News. The biggest publishers in the United States will be involved.

Within its framework, supporters were able to access many newspaper articles from many publications under a flat subscription. Apple shared profits with creators on terminology similar to Apple Music, but with a 50% commission. In this case, however, I also see it from a domestic perspective. Apple News is not officially available in Poland even when it changes free of charge (although it may be launched by changing the region).

When it comes to a new product, I would not expect anything to go on.

IPhones only appeared in autumn, and to update the computers and tablets from the Pro line, it is still too early. Mac Mac, if named, is only at WWDC 2019. Apple can provide us with a new album with 9.7-inch screen, another iPad mini, or a new iPod. However, in 2019 it is difficult to promote these results.

They are not particularly associated with the video service. By the beginning of the first VOD, AirPods could be replaced by new smartphones, or at least a new version for the previous version, by a wireless wire. However, I can see that it has a bite. AirPower is banned and on Apple, with it being brought forward on 25 March, attention will be drawn from the main point of the program.

Alternatively, the solution could be a product of publishing new releases through press releases after the conference. This would not be unique. I also hope new TV Apple will not be there. Few people, including the above, mentioned Apple TV 4K on Apple TV 4. And it seems that the current version of anything is missing …

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