Apple wants to worry about problems on the MacBook keyboard


Apple's problems on the MacBook keyboard are well-known. Complaints have been collected and the company has been unable to provide a quick response to these problems. T

There is now a change in this issue, with Apple making an apology. The reliability of the latest MacBook keyboard is concerning.

Apple will eliminate the MacBook keyboard problems

New MacBook versions have a known problem which might be arranged.

Keyboard issue over a number of months

The keys have gone on these machines and they don't work properly. This situation has led to a general process, which needs to be sorted out quickly.

But Apple would have dealt with it by creating a scenario on its keyboard to solve the problem. In fact, a new film has been submitted under the keys to prevent rubbish from entering this fragile area.


Apple's response to MacBook issues

Now Apple is apologized for the reliability of the MacBook keyboard. The words of the company are just and trying to reduce the problem.

We recognize that a small number of users are having problems with the third generation butterfly keyboard, so we are sorry.

Most users are given a good notebook with their new keyboard. "

He also says that most users don't have any problems with this new keyboard. In this way he aims to reduce the issue.

The article started Apple's excuse

These statements come in Apple's response to an article published on The Wall Street Journal, where the columnist Joanna Stern describes the keyboard problems, especially in the third generation.

The article describes all the problems that have existed since 2017 and which forced Apple to launch a program to share these components. This also tells about the things that happen at court.

This is not Apple's usual position. It is the recognition, even in this new version. However, the words mean that the problem will be reduced and well limited in the number of visas, which are misleading.

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