Apple Watch can now make and take a call with eSIM Claro, you know


December 7, 2018 – 11:20 p.m.


Writing for El Pais

Watching that was & # 39; making and calling a phone call, a tool that was familiar with contemporary adults in Colombia only in Inspector Gagdet chapters and other fictional series of adolescents, is now a real opportunity in in the country.

Since this week, Claro has given customers a telephone service for one of the most prestigious brands in the marketplace: the Apple Watch, in versions 3 and 4.

It is about reaching a technology country that did not have a & # 39; operator but in Mexico and Brazil; and that is possible by creating a small SIM card and its & # 39; enable a unique network.
The service was delivered Thursday at the Claro headquarters in Bogot√°, where the president of the company in Colombia, Carlos Zenteno, participated.

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"With this device, people can now move a lot more, which is in other words more freely. It is no longer necessary to print their phone to places that are not You do not want to take it, like a mountain riding or riding, "said the businessman.

Unlike technology that has been developed so far, where the phone was to be used; Using some features with Bluetooth clock; it is now the last one with direct access to the network with total devolution.

Telephones will simultaneously insert both devices, and their & # 39; connect to the first one that is in; respond & click If the phone is away or thousands of miles away, the Watch continues to work normally.
By developing this technique, Claro invested $ US 6 million, and nine months of investment; working with a team of 28 engineers.

"Our lasting commitment is to be a very innovative company, which initially provides services to Colombia and the best technology for our customers," said Zenteno.
Therefore, expectations of return are also high: it is expected that there will be 4,000 units of the Apple Watch 4 only during this holiday season.

Each device has $ 2,082,900 in its version of 40 millimeters of screen; and of $ 2,208,900, in 44.

How can you find it?

Apple Watch Series 4 can be synchronized with iPhone 6 and older versions. To activate telephony, the voice service over LTE (VoLTE to be specified in English), Sim Card of the latest version, Claro postpayer plan and username and password in My application Claro. When the service is purchased, $ 15,000 will be added to the bill for the month.

The Apple Watch 4 is the best smart watch on its market. She has a heart level reader, a message, Bluetooth and special features for sport.

Beyond the Watch

After creating a new SIM card, and a complete network infrastructure, it is expected that the operator will launch this service for tools & # 39; other. "If another machine is enabled, we all have to become an operator. It will be the responsibility of the makers," said Zenteno about this.

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