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Clothes going to the High Court of USA this week to block a group of customers from being able to go to. Taking advantage of the technology's technological technology for monopoly abuse, media has been reported.

The company has a & # 39; Strive with a group of iPhone owners who want Apple to overwrite them for apps by clicking on " banned campaigns for the multi-billion dollar App Store.

After the customers benefit their & # 39; Right for a class action against a company in 2017, Apple is now appealing to the High Court to clear the decision, The Telegraph reported on the end of November.

Production image. Reuters.

Production image. Reuters.

If Apple failed, the business model at the App Store, one of the largest departments that had been grow faster and more profitable than her; company, which threatened it.

Apple will make billions every year by going to # 39; Cutting up of 30 apps that were sold through the App Store, created by developers. App income growth grew around a third in 2017 to $ 38.5 billion even as a sale of Apple iPhones and iPads stalled.

Customers argue that its big commission is showing that its & # 39; The company uses monopoly position on iPhone users. They argue that "iPhone users across the country have also paid hundreds of millions of dollars (Apple) for iPhone apps because they would have paid them in a competitive market" .

Apple is trying to & # 39; dismissed his case by appealing to the High Court regulation in 1977 that said "just buyers" can only be damaged for abuse.

The company is arguing because the app developers themselves have a "#; The price setting of apps in the App Store and not Apple, iPhone users buy the apps from direct developers.

The opponents say that, because Apple has a set of rules about the App Store, at the lowest price, sells apps to users.

The High Court is due to hear the arguments on Monday, although it is likely that it takes months until the judges announce any decision.

If Apple failed to disable its & # 39; previous decision, it is likely that its company will be able to; shows years of a serious legal case in a case that goes back to 2011.

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