Apple will abolish FaceTime in a group after someone finds out how he will use it to look at others


Craig Federighi includes video group voices from FaceTime at WWDC 2018
Photograph: Marcio Jose Sanchez (AP)

This is the biggest failure to do; You could think and it was not made public before it was set: he went viral. Apple has decided to call FaceTime group groups after they have been detected by someone to use them to look at the microphone and other users' camera.

The failure, originally reported by 9to5Mac, could be listening to the microphone of FaceTime users before responding to your call. To put it in place, you would only be allowed to call a user, click on the "Add to the" button and the number that started the call; that is, your own phone number. This is simple used He allowed you to hear the other user without their permission, but that was just half the problem.

The user you queried decided to have the audio with his & # 39; green button, you lose your chance of your microphone but you can see through the face camera. The failure of double security was reinforced by our colleagues at Gizmodo. It affected anyone with FaceTime on some of iOS 12.1 devices or even Mac. On the Mac, in fact, the calls leave longer than iOS, so users' conversations were more vigorous.

Apple told Reuters that he knew the problem and that he would allow a software update to be resolved this week. At this time, the company has decided that they will submit a FaceTime group call completely so that no person can reproduce used. You can see on the Apple system status page if the service is online.

This is not the week and # 39; best for failure of this stage. Apple is in the middle of a cold war against Facebook in which it tries to provide assurance to users of the importance of it; of privacy. A few days ago, the company welcomed the CES attendants in Las Vegas with a significant indication of the size of a building facade that said: "What's your iPhone happening on your iPhone."

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