– Apple will come with a MacBook Pro of 16-inch this year


Suggestion offers offers a growing product often containing a large amount of salt, but if there is a lucky one that has been in a position, Frequent encounter, Ming-Chi Kuo analysts. In a new report, he says Apple will come in with a new MacBook Pro change this year. He tells MacRumors.

A new module should be an exhibition of 16 to 16 inches, according to Kuo, and also to get a completely new design. This is amazing because the MacBook modules have now been redesigned as far as the fall of 2016.

But Apple has criticized the design of his keyboard, with the "butterflies" flat keys that are very sensitive to dust and dust. Only here in the editing we have several edits where at least one button is considered slow or unsuitable as a result.

This year's draft of the keyboard has a rubber diaphragm under each key to reduce the problem of the dust, not completely completely solved.

New professional writing

MacBook Pro of 16 inches is usually the largest screen on MacBook Pro since its previous 17 inch inches were suspended in 2012. Today's modern model is a & # 39; stop at 15 inches, and when we confirmed it late last summer, we ended up We know it was removed, but very expensive.

Kuo also wants Apple to install a new 31.6-inch display with 6K and "Mini LED" light light. In that case, Apple will repeat a & # 39; going into the showcase market after they stopped the Thunderbolt show in 2016.

Apple will retain the iPhone sizes introduced last year, but it's a? make up some of the inside and out, according to Ming-Chi Kuo. Picture: Niklas Plikk, Tek.no

The analyst also expects Apple to keep all three iPhone sizes; Today: 5.8- (XS) and 6.5-inch (XS Max) with an OLED display and a 6.1-inch LCD (XR) display).

Kuo says that greenhouse houses are rescued, refined batteries and ultra-broadband radio called all on board, which enables travel into and, , the ability to carry other devices voluntarily with a battery; phone – as we saw in Huawei Mate 20 Pro, for example. . The electronic connections will pass, so the screen at the # 39; top, we believe Kuo is.

IPhone also receives a new Face ID solution and Kuo also supports the facts that Apple will continue to mark a three camera model, as the Wall Street Journal was marked in January.

New iPad Models

A mini iPad is updated last year, as well as a & # 39; The normal iPad screen increase is 10.2 inches, according to Kuo. Picture: Niklas Plikk, Tek.no

Finally, the analyst, among other things, has correctly identified iPhone sizes last year before launching it, and expects Apple to welcome two iPad modules Pro New iPad, more regular iPad, especially 10.2 inches, and a mini-iPad mini-renewed this year.

These facts relate to the other sources are reported earlier this year, and in January, seven new iPad models emerged in the Eurasia Economic Commission database.

So it can be a very hard year for a new Apple hardship. Apple's Spring Event is typically going to be in March, and Bloomberg announced the week Apple has been on; date dated 25 March.

However, the service should be a new subscription that should be for news that should be in focus, and Bloomberg said the iPad campaign was "unlikely".

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