Apple will fall on Wall Street


In order to cut its sales projections, even the banking banks have been able to; Cut the largest price of paper.

Everything on Wall Street was today Thursday, yesterday, Apple had sold its projections for her & her; The last quarter argues, among other things, a lower sale of their machines in China, which the market also interprets as another feature of this slowdown live the Asian giant.

After opening with a drop to the two digits, the move was not changed per day, so the appliance fell 9.96% to $ 142.19, The the lowest value since July 2017. In addition, this is the worst day for Apple on its stock market since January 2013.

A & # 39; company, last year was the first to reach a market value of over $ 1 billion, and # 39; guide the world in market value, now The fourth world situation, under the alphabet, with US $ 686,700 million, after losing its headquarters to Amazon and Microsoft in late 2018.

Yesterday, after he has been able to close to & # 39; market, the company founder Steve Jobs established its revenue strategy for its fourth quarter, listing weak sales in China and its sales. reduces the level of iPhone updates, which sets out the effects of the commercial war that faces Washington and Beijing.

Let changing its company's changing changes to at least fifteen analyzes; reduce their price targets for the name papers, and Wedbush is the worst, with a reduction between US $ 75 and $ 200, slightly larger than US $ 196.

Concern was about the times for Apple and what's happening in China. affecting the main stock stocks of the USA. At the end, Wall Street said Dow Jones fell 2.83%, as long as the Nasdaq made, largely technologically, 3.04% lost.

Although there are S & P 500 he stopped the move in the & # 39; The first time of jobs, with the support of the multi-billion purchase agreement between Bristol-Myers Squibb and Celgene, a & # 39; come to an end 2.47%.

"The reason is that Tim Cook and his company are referring to China as the reason behind the sewage in the appearance of their company that affects the points of help and reservoirs were already scared, "said Bloomberg, Bloomberg's market strategist, Greg McKenna. McKenna Macro.

There were also effects on Apple providers. The titles of team makers such as Cirrus Logic, Skyworks Solutions, Analog Appliances, Broadcom, Semiconductors NXP and Micron Technology, have been bad news from their clients.

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