Apple will hold a conference on 25 March: Apple Video, iPad, AirPods … what are you expecting?


Apple will be inviting the media to hold a special event on 25th March. Competitor of Netflix, subscriptions, iPad, AirPods, AirPower … What are you expecting?

" It shows the time"Remember, in 2006 Apple used this hook for a conference that had to live in history as the one came up with the iTV, which has then become Apple TV. somewhat the same phrase refers to the next conference of the company Cupertino.

The date has been fixed, the rumors were correct. Apple will hold a conference on 25 March at 10am, local time (18 hours in France), the Apple Jobs Theater campus. We do not know the exact designation, but many larger or smaller farms already confirmed have already been able to establish a topic here. position .

Apple Video, the Salto Netflix

It's a continuous fan: Apple wants to enter Netflix with its own SVoD service. The " show time The invitation almost confirms the news which highlights the importance of television in this conference.

Having damaged Spotify and others with Apple Music, the California giant wants to get involved in a new market: video on demand. Netflix, Amazon Video, CanalPlay and other Salto can start shaking by thinking that Apple will have come to a market. It remains to be seen whether partnerships are sufficient to produce contentbutcherthe customers.

Other services

Tim Cook said at the start of the year: "important servicesCome in 2019. If you're thinking of Apple News Magazine, a paper access service for paper services, it is not impossible to know that the Apple brand is providing some services that are already available and t sanctified to your health.

To go against Amazon and his precious subscription, Apple can try to integrate its services with a single subscription, offering Apple Apple, Apple Video, Apple News and Apple Magazine, etc.

iPad and iPod Touch

If the range of iPhone was upgraded in September, we hope to have some new Apple tablets out. Some of the rumors include a new iPad Mini, but also an "cheaper" iPad. The factual facts are, however, relatively small, which he suggests is not currently made.

Also rumors are asking to launch a new iPod. It may well be part of a service like Apple Music among others, but no information from Chinese factories is recommending any new device.

Airports 2 and AirPower

We were waiting for them with the new generation of iPhone last year in September and they were not delivered. The new generation of AirPods could come later this month. Some include better quality sound and a box with wireless fees.

This case would bring all interest in Galaxy S10 with wireless return, but also with the AirPower, the wireless price base of the iPhone and AirPods. Everything goes on!

Indeed, the content of this conference has not yet been formalized and it will be necessary to wait until 25 March to find out what Apple is preparing.

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