Apple would combine iPhone, iPad and Mac applications in 2021


Apple would expect to combine the bids made for iPhone, iPad and MacOS in 2021, according to the Bloomberg new report.

The initiative, which was already expected, was below Marzipan code name, enabling developers to create one application (known as bi-lingual) for all computers in the # 39; long-term apple company " inspiring of new software, and increasing the use of resources to & # 39; company. "

In this way, a general advocacy system is very important for Apple, so its company aims to direct their plans step by step.

Initially, Bloomberg tells that Apple would begin to inform developers that they will be able port your iPad apps to Mac later this year. All with a new SDK, the only device that will do so Moving from iPhone apps to MacOS in 2020. The ultimate end of the biggest challenge is based on engineers; company.

In that situation, that is expected By 2021 developers can combine iPhone, iPad and Mac connections In one application, leave the extra work to bring your complaint to the Apple platforms that would then special source.

However, as this is a project developed, the plans and dates identified by the company may change the possibilities.

Apple did not have a & # 39; The first company made a bet to combine its different tools, before Microsoft stopped Windows phones, its company had a & # 39; developing a system called "General Windows Platform", This has put pressure on the developers to create certain apps for their tools.

Although Apple has not yet been confirmed about this project, it is saying truth The news could have been made at WWDC 2019, whose location is not yet dated.

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