Apple's built-in computers were shown by Antivirus from Windows 10


Microsoft continues to import its software "foreign" platforms, including macOS, with its software. From today, Apple's computer users have accessed your application against the virus "Windows Defender" (Windows Defender ATP). In fact, the name of the antivirus was needed to be changed – on macOS it is known as Microsoft Defender ATP.

However, within the initial starting assessment period, Microsoft Defender will only receive campaigns that use not only Apple computers in their network, but also running PCs. Windows. The truth is that you need to be a Microsoft Support 365 to enter an ID to access the program and to identify the re-entry into the Windows Defender Security Center. Consistent versions of macOS Mojave, High Sierra and Sierra.

On a dedicated web page that you can make an application, the company has said it will employ a small group to take part in the initial assessment. Those who are registered will be elected as email partners. As Jared Spataro, vice-president of Microsoft Office and Windows products, said, start-up for high-end platforms began with Office, and the company is currently developing this idea. Windows Defender is the basic antivirus in Windows 10 operating system.

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