Apple's FaceTime: the award-winning teenager to find a fragment that allowed people to look at the call service


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The young person got a FaceTime problem when he was planning Fortnite's strategies with his friends.

An American teenager discovered a lack of security in the video video system FaceTime Apple won a prize to provide information to the company.

Apple did not reveal the correct amount he gave to Grant Thompson, 14, but it is believed to be a including money to fund his education.

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In January, the child found an error that allowed them to hear briefly, secretly, that the FaceTime group group, although they did not answer them.

The teenager found the problem when he used FaceTime to talk about strategies to play Fortnite with friends.

Grant and his mother warned Apple about it.

The company considered that the error was so bad that it eliminated FaceTime group activity while & # 39; he was searching and & # 39; look for a solution.

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This Thursday, Apple published a FaceTime update that will enhance the vulnerability reported by a teenager.

Before the young person, a security inspector had refused to give information about Apple's mistake as he was they did not give any prize.

The announcement of the award for Grant released on Thursday, when Apple released a software update that set up the error.

Benefits policy

At present, the famous apple company is only benefiting for errors found in the iOS operating system for phones.

Despite that, security experts should be invited to participate a a program that will pay up USA$ 200.000 for the most difficult mistakes to win prizes.

Not every expert in the department is welcome to receive a & # 39; this Apple policy.

This is the case of Linus Henze, a security specialist researcher, who saved details of some problems in the MacOS operating system for password stealing.

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Henze says he will not reveal Apple's problem of information so that his / her company does not appear; including MacOS in his prize program.

"It is my motivation that Apple will create prizes program for errors. I think this is the best thing for Apple and its researchers, "he added to the Thursday news technology page. The Register.

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