Apple's output will be expected for 2019


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Apple & AirPods is the biggest support that is suited to & # 39; company, according to the IT analyst of International Securities Ming-Chi Kuo, and is expected to launch a new model in 2019. Kuo, who has a good record for doing it. Introduces precise information on Apple goods shows, he said in Dec. Apple will launch a new version that includes the costs of wireless and are less than the current model. In June, Bloomberg said they will also support sound shift, they will water protection and they work further away from an iPhone. AirPods is able to become a better fitness fan than the Apple Watch, although there is no indication that Apple will continue to enhance healthcare features.

It is also expected that Apple will put "new" earphones over the "eyelids" that is similar to what it is; sells the Beats line, although the new ones are "higher", Bloomberg said Apple is also trying to release a new version. of his smartphone speaker HomePod.

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