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According to Bloomberg News on January 4, during Beijing, Apple's share price fell by almost 10% on Thursday, resulting in job widow, Jobs Laurene Powell, dropped $ 804 million in one day. Apple stock price had decreased from the Wednesday statement. After the end of the day, Apple announced that he would cut his first income statement to $ 84 billion, down from the previous $ 89 billion statement to $ 93 billion .


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At the same time, to go to & # 39; The total edge company to 38%, compared to the previous repression of 38% to 38.5%. To this end, Cook also sent a letter to tasks to explain why the expectations of achievement are falling.

In his letter, he said that many of the factors caused their company's income to be less than expected, including poor sales in the Chinese market and selling a guide lower than expected.

First of all, the three iPhones and travel times launched in September 2018 are different from 2017, which make it happen; Annual Comparison is more difficult. For example, iPhone XS MAX and XS's major bad Apple were delivered in the fourth quarter of last year, and the most expensive iPhone X key, launched in September 2017, will not be sent to First season of 2018.

Secondly, Apple is expected to have a higher than US dollar spoiler including exchange rate. The index for US dollars grew by 5% in 2018. This is a means that Apple expects to grow revenue about 200 foundations below that; previous year. There is no change.

Third, after launching a new mobile phones in September 2018 and updating Apple Watch (the fourth generation), in October of that year, Apple also introduced new iPad programs, AirPods guns and MacBook Air notebook computers, and the production of new materials. The sale of specialized materials in the fourth quarter of 2018 was limited by the supply side. For example, Apple's fourth generation sales and iPad Pro have been influenced almost every quarter, and also has an impact on Apple's favorite appliance, online gun crew and MacBook Air laptops.

At the same time, the economic weakness of "some of the emerging markets" is even more than the preceding Apple prejudice, and is the main reason for Apple's decision to guide future income, including Q1 for FY 2019. The variety of factors such as the strengthening of the US dollar has led to an increase in iPhone income of almost 60% of Apple's revenue, which is less than expected by the company.

As a result, Apple's introduction to revenue has decreased from US $ 89 billion to $ 93 billion to $ 84 billion; border boundaries are reduced from 38% to 38.5% to around 38%.

Following the statement, business analysts reported Apple's performance warnings and Apple's target price reduction. On Thursday, Apple department price ended 9.96%.

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How Apple's share price has sunk, many of the victims suffered a lot of interest. big company too. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Powell Works were transferred to $ 804 million on Thursday to $ 17.3 billion, which marked the 47th on a rich global list.

According to the information, Powell got all his legacy after the death of Works, most of her experiences; including the Apple and Disney department, and then she succeeds among the 50 leading richest people in the world.

In addition, the Chief Executive should not make the loss of Apple a little. Although it is not worth enough to board the rich list, but the end of 2017 data shows Cook's personal wealth about 660 million US dollars, and # 39; Most of Apple and Nike stock and its options. As Apple's stock price fell by 10% a day, Cook's loss could reach ten million millions of dollars.

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