Apple's video features the impressive web privacy case


The Safari web browser does not allow you to visit

Your browser doesn't need to visit sites, whether you are a person or a boy.
Photo: Apple

Apple is again using comedy to get a really good message. In the latest video, a young person is using an iPhone to answer a personal question, and he believes it is not found while it is doing so.

Now look at it:

This statement, “Privacy on iPhone – The Answer,” is included with the statement “Your privacy is important. That's why Safari restricts sites from searching the internet. Confidentiality. That's the iPhone. ”

It shows a young person who is investigating whether he is old enough to start trimming. This seems to be embarrassing when he asked about it, but it could be an indefensible owner for other questions that might include a 15-year-old child about looking up.

The background is “Mannish Boy”.

Safari is confidential

By releasing iOS 12.2 recently, Safari now rested “Do Not Track” as web sites were not recognized as such. However, the company had already done something more effectively.

Starting in Safari 11, Safari users needed no more to stop or prevent all cookies. Instead, someone can turn on an opt-out cache and their browser removes cookies with off-site capabilities.

This is a matter of first concern. T To prove this, go to Options> Safari and look for a scratch named Prevent Cross-Tracking Tracking.

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