Applicant from Cambiemos le Sergio Berni for security began: "I always wanted statistics for you and you did not know what you say"


The debate raised there Order two voices He had to do with the new protocol for the use of weapons promoted by the Ministry of Security Patricia Bullrich. In favor, they were deputy leaders of Cambiemos Luis Petri and Daniel Lipovetzky; the face, Manuela Castañeira, head of the left, and Sergio Berni, grandfather of Buenos Aires Citizens' Unit. Finally, a strong argument was broken: one of the pro-government legislators has gone over with an old national security secretary for statistical data.

Berni opposed the application of the rules of new ministers, who also raised critical criticism on Elisa Carrió. "I agree that we must protect the citizen and give us an authorization but this protocol is smoke. It is not appropriate because it causes more mistakes. It is loaded by vital elements. "

The previous officer, in a short time, showed that the numbers were over; disappeared in a number of arms: he said, when they left the government, they had 4.6 their loyalty and 5% did not say what the minister said, "by Bullrich, who I had to give a story in that program just minutes before.

Petri stopped several times and told him he was lying. "You went to the Congress and when you asked me the statistics, you did not know what you say, the number you give is true, I do not know where it came from, 2008 there were no statistics to reach us, "he said. Berni said: "I think you're wrong as an officer." Then, the old Secretary K "said he can give the statistics he wants to give but people know what's happening on the street. "

In the opinion of Carrió to have a debate in the & # 39; Congress of the new military weapons regime, the two presidents of the governing party said they would not have a problem. "We agree", published in one person.

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