Applicants of the Federal Council must be in the listeners to their friends


Today the Bundesrat candidates must address the first hearings in the parliamentary bodies. SVP, GLP and Greens for Karin Keller-Sutter, Viola Amherd, Heidi Z, graggen and Hans Wicki with reflective questions on the tooth. Do the habits faint and can the opponents be able to; confirming their friends?

Being a Notary Council or not, this is a question. Today, Federal Council applicants must address their first hearings. Does Karin Keller-Sutter (54, FDP) and Viola Amherd (56, CVP) confidently march through these essential or unprecedented prayers? decline? Can the opponents Hans Wicki (54, FDP) and Heidi Z & graffgen (52, CVP) confirm the SVP, the Greens or the GLP and a degree out of their external roles? ?

The two eco-party parties and the SVP will not be backed up today with critical questions and their. Feeling the four candidates to the tooth. As the candidates and Wicki are hitting, you will learn at the LOOK Ticker from 15 clocks.

Is Wick still dangerous for those who prefer them?

At the FDP, the reulite is clear: The United States Gallen Council, Karin Keller-Sutter, is Johann Schneider-Ammann's favorite (66). It was not possible for Wick Alba to eliminate their competitors' unique model. It is very likely that the United States Council of Nidwalden will not be able to streamline the direction through the hearings in other friends. Not surprisingly 5 December – then the new elections will happen – almost impossible.

Keller-Sutter must first attack the SVP, see the most under the Bundeshauskuppel. Half an hour is recorded for listening. After visiting the Sünneli party, for KKS, as Keller-Sutter is called in a & # 39; Berne politbureau, things are easier and more difficult: until 4.30pm, they will try to verify the smaller fractions of the Greens and Liberals. Green that they should be federal referees.

Challenger Wicki, who is again rejected as a volunteer decision candidate, Allow the Green Group to warm up first. At the latest, it must be operational temperature. Because the SVP votes are necessary for Wicki, it wants to even give KKS an opportunity. Then Wicki can stop it short, before going to the Ph.D. at 16.30.

Z # graggen with the SVP phoning

The open position of CVP is more open. The national councilor Viola Amherd was the first leader of a former group as the safest for Doris Leuthard (55). But the government councilor Heri, Heidi Z, graggen, who was very familiar with a party ticket, said the Valais was a " become more serious. Although he did a good ground on Amherd, but at least going to the Generalized Council, this will also depend heavily on the hearings.

Amherd is the first GLP group and responds. After half an hourly break, he goes to SVP at 16 clocks and then to the Greens – a major audience for the Valaisan. Can she get points on green issues?

Regarding the environment, the government councilor and the Heidi Z & graffgen challenge seem to have more credit. She is trying to & # 39; This confirmation is confirmed at 3.30pm at the Ph.G. and then at the Greens before it lasts on the SVP's spell hunting. His opportunities are not bad: after all, his life partner was once a Cantonal Council SVP (BLICK statement).

In one week KKS, Amherd, Z, Graggen and Wicki also represent their other friends. The hearings will then take place at SP, BDP, CVP and FDP – one day before the Federal Council election.

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