Applicants who hide & # 39; theft for teachers


On 21 November, Mr Doan Tu – Director of the Quang Ngai Department of Business Affairs said he had noticed the reminder and removal of a decision to appoint teachers from the Chairman of the People of the Tra Bong Area Committee by a 24 year old man.

Six years ago, young men had a crime record Hold theft in Da Lat and sentenced to five years of imprisonment. By law, as long as they are & # 39; Attending the sentence, the respondent is not allowed to attend colleges or universities. But he's justified, hiding the sentence is being launched to college in Quang Nam.

After graduating from primary school in primary education, he did not identify his work in curriculum vitae when he wanted to sign up for teachers. "This is not true because it's 18 months in a wrong sentence of proof," he said.

When it was discovered, the police Quang Ngai have been working with the college where he studied. The school has promised to dispose of its license in the shortest time. The Quang Ngai Home Affairs Department has also sent an official letter to the Tra Bong area to handle the misuse of applications.

The recruitment test for the 2017-2018 school year in the Quang Ngai department last year. After the local councils have identified the results, the Home Affairs Department has received many objections and complaints.

Following a review, the Rural Affairs Department said that many of the test examinations had taken regulations on the recruitment of officers, the penalty was not heavy, some specific subjects have some exams, so judges are easily identified for built. point. Therefore, the Department has asked the Personnel Committee to evaluate and control officers and staff in distress. The Binh District Population Committee is to confirm the unnamed designation, requesting an education officer to accept the bankruptcy money from the applicant.

In addition, the Director of Home Affairs Department advised that he would advise the chair of the local people's Committee to review the four chairs of Ly Son, Binh Son, Duc Pho and Tra Bong. Areas that show many errors, break in the tutor recruitment test. Three regional chairs of each area were coordinated to hold regional roles.

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