Apply apps that measure the iPhone's time of use each time in the App Store


Come to iOS 12 Apple introduced & Use time & # 39;, a new action for iPhone and iPad users to find out how much time they use the device and how they use it. Also, for parents to better control the use of tools with children. But what's happening now with those apps in the App Store that made something similar to it?

Before iOS 12 iOS users were different Apps in the App Store that are also counting the time of use phone or tablet. However, with TechCrunch information, many of them have now found obstacles to Apple's actualization or continuation only in the shop.

As a number of developers have emerged, Apple has begun to disable their apps when they go to the App Store. The common causes seem to be, although they are usually the result of the use of actions for different purposes from those created. These apps usually use the place or the VPN to find out what the websites the user uses. connection to or from the apps he / she does. In this way they will measure the use of the device. But, indeed, the site or VPN are not created for that use, and that is why Apple is declining the apps.

The developers have also said Apple is usually talking to them to make a clearer explanation when the application is difficult, and many times they are able to return to the App Store. And why Apple has been rejected if they were in the App Store for years? The problem is there they just work now right now that it looks like it on iOS.

The worst way: when Apple is implementing the feature of your app

This story is not the first time we can see it. Over the past decade, IOS has been continually improving. Part of this change has been involved in implementing actions; Users' queries found because there was a previous third party app. The lantern also came as scarce issues became scarce. Do anyone ever remember? They finished the App Store top about ten years ago.

When Apple implements an activity that performs other third party applications it does not have to end those apps. Developers can develop their application to make better than Apple or revive themselves. And there are many examples of apps that make it better than Apple, such as email managers or executive managers. It is difficult to combat activity that comes basically, but it is not impossible.

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