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A motorcycle helps Lime E bike, making cycling easier

It is said that the burial service for a rapidly emerging bicycle in the UK is said, despite the risk of disobedience.

Lime said that his motorcycle in Milton Keynes would be accessible to anyone at any age or level of fitness.

They can be opened for £ 1, marking for 15p per minute, and then parking in a "careful" place after being used.

Santander's pedal bicycle can be rented already in the town for £ 1 every 30 minutes, but more than half have been damaged and will not be used during the summer of 2017.

Silicon-Valley based company already rents a bicycle in Europe and in North America, and said that less than 1% was damaged or stolen. one business.

They are set and paid through a free application and motifs to make riding easier.


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Dockless bikes can be parked anywhere "cautious" after being used, rather than designated election stations

Lime says this is the first service of that kind in the UK. Around Buckingham will be around 100 bicycles in the first instance, with increasing numbers of expectations in the & # 39; first weeks.

Jaanaki Momaya, general manager for Lime UK, said: "Milton Keynes is a vibrant living life at the forefront of transport innovation.

"We can not think of a better place to launch in the UK and look forward to expanding it to other areas soon".

Milton Keynes's bicycle rental system has 40 closing stations since June 2016, but Santander's employee said in the summer of 2017 the service was at risk of more than £ 200,000 of "previous damage "in the first year.

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Police in Sheffield said they would not get more blow on Ofo bicycles

Mobike's bicycle rental company built its prices in several towns and subsequently was removed from Manchester after many bikes were thrown into canals, placed on fire or discharged down pavements.

But recently its company has announced plans for the introduction of electric bicycle in London

And in Sheffield, the police said they would not now have a collection of Ofo bicycles that were damaged and dumped.

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Lime spokeswoman said that batteries were monitored to a speedy pace and can be changed by the maintenance team when they are in a position; running well.

He also said that there were locks that were removed, a & # 39; communicate and monitor its & # 39; It is a bikco and a company was working closely with its company. police to ensure that the bicycles were used and paid carefully.

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