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News, Analysis, Rootings, ICOs and Events for the week ending 11/16

News & Crypto Analysis

Bitmain co-founder, Jihan Wu, was removed from the director of Bitmain. Mr Wu was reported to take the position of the supervisor and has no authority to direct more business issues of Bitman. Anonymous source from Bitmain revealed the activities and details of Mr Wu's new post within his company. The source describes the underpinning of Mr Wu as follows,

After changing to a director, there are no voting rights, so power (Mr Wus) is smaller and [he] they can not take part in the enterprise business decisions.

The 21st Silver Team has been closely monitoring the events around Bitmain. It seems that many bad decisions were made at the level of guidance. Signals that may mean that Bitmain shareholders have a & # 39; Losing out of great public benefit from the company's public procurement. Unfortunately for company stockings, Bitmain may not be able to go to # 39; affecting more than 50% of Bitcoin levelSouth Westerly

One of the key issues that hinders the sale of an IPO to create a competition, Bitewei. Bitewei has the ability to make a special mining tool cheaper and more efficient than Bitmain, the Whatsminer M10. This new miner can use technology 7m of technology within the tools (ASIC). Bitewei was founded by Yang Zuoxing, formerly the designer of Bitmain. Bitmain could not be managed by Mr Wu to be able to; Mr Zuoxing holds a happy employee at Bitmain. So, the computer design computer took its skills and established its own Bitewei company, days before the proposed IPO show.

  • Bitmain has announced that they can create a mineral that uses 7nm technology, but is still not available for sale, and Whatsminer M10.

  • When the quarterly reports, generated during the third quarter of the financial calendar, are divided by investors who may, may not, give or write; Supporting the growth rates of income Bitmain needed to attract a $ 2 billion IPO.

It is probably considered that there is a ruler at the top of the company that is the reason for the uncertainty surrounding Bitmain. The storm is almost as good as breeding within Bitmain compared to the Titanic; going on to that amazing hill-bed. This is the same time as the co-officers may be sufficiently wise to release the captain's duty, and drag on his / her; boat down, before they hit the iceberg. Can the new Bitmain team return the company to its previous glory? Can the IPO be saved? Will the current owners still have a & # 39; doing their fortune that was just over the table just a few weeks ago? A game that is now waiting is now the players, Canaan, Ebang, Bitewei, and Bitmain, a jockey to become the leading ASIC Mineralist maker. The 21st Silver Team Keep you informed of how Bitmain will be. trying to save their company.

News & Forex Analysis

Bitcoin lost this great value this week. Prepressed cryptocurrency at the low level of the # 39; his attack, almost US $ 6,200, and appears to have been in a level of almost $ 5,500. The US Dollar won the anti-Bitcoin counter this week. This week began working with Bitcoin at an exchange rate of $ 6446/1 Bitcoin. The two concluded a week exchange at $ 5548/1 Bitcoin. The USD record increased 16.19% in value when it was with Bitcoin by the end of the week.

The USD (.DXY) index is a comparison between the USD and 6 largest monies in the world. The remote land lost the USD compared to its international peers to the weekend. Index Index .DXY high value of 97 for the year, at the beginning of the week. The record closed at 96.43 and a 0.591% loss record in value by the end of the week.

GBP lost land against USD from the previous week. The dollar completed the week translating with the GBP at $ 1,2837 and received 1.075% from the previous week level of $ 1.2975 / 1 GBP. The Mexican Peso (MXN) completed the week a bit stronger in value compared to the GBP, exchanging with the GBP at 25.8743 Pesos / 1 GBP increased by 0.9756% in value from 26.1268 pesos / 1 GBP than previous week.

News & Analysis Crypto Futures

Bitcoin sales at US $ 5500. The lowest level is recorded in 2018.

  • What causes the Bitcoins value of the loss?

  • Where does Bitcoin go here?

  • Does Bitcoin still have a criterion for the value of cryptography?

Bitcoin lost around $ 1,000 per base at the weeks, November 16th. The loss in value has been named as a result hardwood that will be executed by Bitcoin Cash (BCH), live Bitcoins banner.

Apparently, there are some whales, the two boards have an uncertainty for each party involved in the two cryptocurrencies. Craig Wright and Roger Ver, two high quality senior investors, have wrecked together through social centers like YouTube. They aggressively invade each other's investment strategy and customs, and removing confidence from the crypto markets. Craig Wright wants Bitcoin Cash to stay as it is. The present enemy, Mr Ver, wants the fork to be granted.

Co-founder and Head of the cryptocurrency trading wallet Luno, Marcus Swanepoel, lost the value of Bitcoin like this:

This Bitcoin price reduction is more likely due to the upcoming hardness recorded by Bitcoin Cash. The Bitcoin Cash blockblock has been receiving a registered hard disk every six months to update and improve the protocol. In most situations, these hard folds are unannounced by their & # 39; support the whole community. In this case, however, a consensus can not be reached by two visible groups. reflect and suggest a range of solutions for renewables.

Although these two investments have been released in social media, Bitcoin has been significantly reduced. Even though some describe the loss in value as another cold one others; assuming that a lower level of attack has been drawn. The general consensus on monitors of Bitcoin's vision of maintaining a vision; Once again it's worthwhile, and one of the campaigners is on the # 39; its effect as a whole or in part.

The other idea is about the value of falling into Bitcoin about the lack of interest in the product. Some of the researchers say that large numbers of new investors are causing the market to have a big impact on it. Looking forward, current investors are full of content and do not want to buy more glats at the highest levels. So their bids are subtracted or discharged.

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There are 3 episodes of Tencent Holdings (TCEHY) contributions. Their jobs impact on the biggest findings that have been published. TCEHY holds more than 20 patents which; using block technology. It is similar to blockage patterns, Accenture, Bitmain, Greece State of China, Google, Intel, Ping An Insurance, Sony, and Visa. The likelihood of block technology to the daily work of these corporate energy houses is totally high enough to monitor the valuable work with the changes that occur with the cryptocurrency markets.

TCEHY was changing the value of 3 per cent per cent of the costs (EPS) 2,06 yuan and a department vs. 1.79 shares at Yuan for the same period last year. Other features that were significantly heavily increased by the EPS value increased by 24% in revenue based on sales of 80.6 billion Yuan versus 65.2 billion Yuan sales last year. Tencent was also able to report an increase of 47% in advertising revenue to 16.2 billion Yuan.

Tencent Holdings Limited (TCEHY)

Your wishes Yahoo Finance

It was strong that TCEHY could overcome the jobs stronger than expectations. Earlier this year, Tencent was about a digital game that was expected to market for Chinese youth. But the government came in and told Tencent that the game was too funny for the minds of young people of China and also being too difficult for them. Tencent was not allowed to bring his game to a market; meant that TCEHY lost a large amount of its value; his market earlier this year.

The games made up about 40% of the Tencent revenue stream. Online games such as Honor of Kings, & # 39; TCEHY has the sale license in China, one of the highest games in the region. There is a huge immigrant game, Battlegrounds PlayerUnknown, "or" PUBG "waiting for approval by Chinese rulers so that TCEHY can be funded. Monster & Monster sales Hunter: World's Stadium also. Tencent agrees with rulers how to bring the product to marketing limiting time to play. TCEHY says they are confident that agreement can be reached by side- within a reasonable timetable.

The TCEHY closed the $ 37.63 transaction week to a & # 39; get $ 1.03 from the previous trading day. This value is included to increase 2.81% from the closing date one day.

Winners of the Most Week of this week in Cryptocurrencies

1) + 492.13% Nasdacoin (NSD) Start $ 0.576 a week The week ended at $ 3.387

2) + 41.38% Mobius (MOBI) Start the week at $ 0.0290 Complete the week at $ 0.0410

3) + 37.61% Table (CLOAK) Start the week at $ 4.501 Finish a week at $ 6.194

4) + 32.37% Factom (FCT) The week started at $ 4,409. Finished a week at $ 5.836

5) + 20.37% Wowbit (WWB) Start the week at $ 0.0481 Finish a week at $ 0.0579

6) + 7.98% Odem (ODE) The week started at $ 0.238 Finishing a week at $ 0.257

7) + 7.72% Christians (CRYP) Start the week at $ 0.00570140 Finish a week at $ 0.00614132

8) + 6.28% APIS (APIS) Start a week at $ 0.00363297 Finish a week at $ 0.00386125

9) + 5.73% ChainLink (LINK) Start $ 0.489 a week Weekly at $ 0.517

10) + 5.13% Vitae (VITAE) Start the week at $ 1.754 Finish a week at $ 1,844

11) + 4.71% SmartCash (SMART) Start the week at $ 0.0170 Complete the week at $ 0..0178

12) + 4.44% MOAC (MOAC) Start the week at $ 1.126 Finishing a week at $ 1.176

13) + 2.29% NEM (XEM) Start the week at $ 0.0916 Finish a week at $ 0.0937

14) + 1.21% Dentacoin (DCN) Start the week at $ 0.00024771 Finish a week at $ 0.00025070

15) + 0.99% Dai (DAI) Start the week at $ 1,005 Finish a week at $ 1.015

Week Registration

Nasdacoin NSD

Registers licensed Coinlib

Nasdacoin (NSD) levels 91st on the list of cryptos order according to their market property. The current market rate of Nasdacoin is $ 51,200,000. Nasdacoin describes themselves as permanent monetary monies. You will be told! There is no news available or a trademark recorded to prove by the valuable increase associated with Nasdacoin at this time.

Heard Through the Grapevine

Future ICOan and Events

Upcoming Events

November 19, 22, 24, 27, 30 – European Tour Blockchain Hub Stockholm, Manila, Ho Chi Minh, Jelu, Bangkok,

November 16 – 17 – 2018 CryptoFinance Oslo, Norway

November 21 – 22 – Russian Blockchain Week Moscow, Russia

November 21 – 23 – CryptoEvent RIW Conference Moscow, Russia

November 28 – 29 – North American Blockchain Expo 2018 Santa Clara, California

November 29 – 30 – International Monaco Blockchain Forum Monaco

March 19 – 21, 2019 – Money20 / 20 Asia Singapore

Future ICOs

Solutions Adab (ADAB) Sale Starts November 18 Purchase on sale of December 28 / The First Exchange Islamic Crypto Exchange based on the customs of Shariah

Distribution (SHKG) Sale Starts November 18, 2018 Purchasing Date 17 January, 2019 / Provides protection to uninsured herbs to a website and its website. run a 24/7 malware scanner

Angels Bounty (BANG) Sale Starts Sales date 19 November 19 / Automotive marketing platform for bounty campaign

Enzym (EYM) Sale Starts Release date November 19/10 Provides publicity and security to the user. Enzym is a free mobile game in Enzym; Encouraging an event outside our normal circles (friends, family, co-workers …)

iCasting (TLNT) Sale Starts November 19 Sale Ends December 28 / One-stop renewable supermarket elephant system, and its service; entire throwing business from one platform

Develop extensions (ETHIX) Sale Starts November 20 Destination Sale 18 December / Different internationally different platforms

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